Image result for anahata chakraToday I had the chance to teach something very powerful to my class: the anahata chakra.
This chakra is very close to my heart (yoga pun) because it is something I’ve had to personally deal with in the past year more than ever before. That is, practicing love and forgiveness toward myself and others.
My current situation is not what most would describe as ideal – I’m currently homeless (by the state’s standards, I do have a place to live thankfully) and my parents are in the process of getting a divorce (not a clean one at that).
Love has been something that’s been hard for me to deal with. Seeing my parents’ love die in a way, and feeling a loss of home and stability. It’s caused me a lot of grief.
But I’ve found ways to cope in my life. There’s various things I’ve learned – both yogic and not – that have aided me in making the most of my situation.
One big thing I had to learn was that being angry at my situation does no one any good. I could very easily be angry at what’s happened in the past couple years. But that’s not going to get me anywhere. So I decide to forgive, let go, and make the best I can out of my situation.
Another thing I’ve learned is to make time for peace and contentment. I’ve talked about this piece a lot before. Taking walks, doing yoga, meditation, calligraphy, writing – all these things keep me grounded and focused. I’m able to find stability in these things, when my surroundings themselves aren’t stable.
There are two big things I have learned from this:
1. You are not defined by your circumstances. You’re defined by how you respond to your circumstances.
2. Choose love, compassion, and forgiveness over hate, anger, and distance.
How are you overcoming your circumstances? 

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