Back to School: 7 Habits of Highly Successful Students

As we begin our school year, it’s a good time to start up some new habits. There’s some distinct differences between students who do well and students who don’t do as well. I listed some habits that I’ve observed successful students having and keeping consistently: 

  1. They keep on top of their work: reviewing lectures every night, doing a bit of a project each night, or doing a homework assignment the night it’s assigned rather than the night it’s due, a successful student will not procrastinate. They will do a little bit of everything each night to stay on top of each class. 
  2. They keep a planner: (ideally from ALT ;)) They don’t waste time trying to remember what they need to do; they have it all laid out for them, in a way that is manageable. They clearly define their goals and plan daily and ahead as things come up. Their schedules are balanced and realistic. 
  3. They study in intervals: They don’t sit down and study the book for 3 hours the night before the test. Rather, they break it up over the days leading up to the test, and they study in a variety of methods depending on how the material lends itself to be studied, and adapt that method for their level of understanding. 
  4. They avoid distraction: Successful students are focused when they need to be. It’s important to be as efficient as possible when studying or working in order to maximize productivity and manage time effectively. 
  5. They automate the mundane things: They don’t waste time, energy, and thoughts on things that they don’t need to. They have reminders, alarms, outfits, to do lists, schedules – everything that’s possible to be predetermined so they don’t have to think about it on the daily, they’ll have preset so that they can devote mental energy to the things that matter, rather than little decisions like what to wear or when to set their alarm. 
  6. They take effective notes: Not only are their notes detailed yet concise, but they also use tactics to make the information interactive, readable, and accessible. Color coding, word finding, and question-answering techniques are a few good ways to go about it. 
  7. They focus on their health: With everything that they are doing, and all of the mental energy they devote to school, as well as the other things like sports and extracurriculars, it’s important that students take the time to make sure they are taking care of themselves. Lack of sleep, exercise, or well-balanced meals will decrease performance and energy, causing them to do less well. 
These are just a few of the habits that one can implement at any time during the school year in order to become more successful as a student. There’s certainly more habits out there that make a student more successful, do you have any to share? Comment below! 
❤ Alicia

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