Changing your attitude – back to school

Ah, back to school.
Many of us are dreading this week. I challenge you to think about going back to school in a different way – a more positive way.
My question to you is: what good does it serve you to think negatively about school, homework, etc?
You have to do it anyways. So you might as well not be negative about it, right?
Of course you’re not going to always love staying up late studying or listening to the lecture. But, a change of mindset about everything makes a big difference.
Try switching out these phrases when you notice them come up: 
1. I have so much work to do tonight -> I’m going to be very productive tonight 
2. I’m going to fail that test tomorrow -> I’m going to try my best on the test, we will see how it goes 
3. I don’t want to go to school -> I’m excited to see/do ______ today 
4. I don’t understand this at all, I give up -> can you help me with this?
5. I’m going to kill myself/kill me now/I’m going yo die (this one is sadly more common than you might think) -> I’ll get through this
You don’t necessarily have to believe what you’re saying, but it helps to have an overall happy and optimistic attitude about things. This will help both you and those around you – it’s a win win!

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