Creating Positive Habits

One of my focuses for 2018 is implementing positive daily habits into my routine. I took my yearly intention, which you can read about here, and created 19 habits I wanted to track. Not all of them are daily, but they are all things I want to integrate and keep track of. 

Here are the habits I added: 
  • ALT Post – to ensure I stay consistent with my posting schedule
  • Check Email – missing a day of clearing my inbox stresses me out, gotta stay on track with that
  • Study – I’ve been getting into a consistent daily study routine, outside of normal school work 
  • Read – I’ve been integrating a (nearly) daily routine of reading a book that’s not for school daily, and I’m nearly through my first one!
  • Journal – I’m on a consistent habit of journaling every night, which has been beneficial for my mental health
  • Meditate – this is something I realized I wasn’t doing nearly as much as I wanted to, and keeping track has helped tremendously in recognizing my patterns with it
  • Work out – similar to meditation, I want to integrate a more consistent workout routine
  • Yoga – very important aspect of my life, want to get to the point where I do yoga 3-5 times per week 
  • Pranayama – taking time to sit with my body and breath to check in is very important in keeping myself grounded
  • Take Walks – I do some of my best thinking and processing on walks, but it’s so easy for me to neglect them in favor of work, so I am tracking them to ensure I keep doing them consistently 
  • Breakfast – I noticed I was getting off the habit of eating a healthy breakfast daily, but since tracking it’s gone up 
  • Take Medicine – gentle reminder to take medicine daily
  • Drink 2 Bottles of Water – might not seem like much of a goal, but I’m starting off small until I get consistent with that, and then I’ll move up
  • Pomodoro – ensuring that I produce quality work means I need to have focus sessions
  • Writing – writing is important for me to get my ideas down, I’ve been neglecting the book I’ve been writing for a while now, so I’m looking to make more progress on that
  • Bed by 10:30 – this helps me to track my sleep 
  • Time with Friends – helping to track my experiences 
  • Time with Family – it’s easy for me to neglect this sometimes, tracking helps to remind me of the significance
  • 100% of To Do’s – tracking when I complete everything I intended to each day has helped me realize I’m often setting unrealistic goals for myself in terms of what I’m doing 
How do I track my habits? 
I use my bullet journal to track my habits. I simply make a table with each box being one habit for one day, and I color them in when I complete the habit for the day. Take a look: 
I do fill this out at the end of every day to acknowledge the little steps I’ve done that day in order to get closer to my aspirations. It’s very motivating and helps me to stay on track daily. Every month, assess the previous month and I add or subtract habits as needed.

Exercise: Pick a couple habits and track them for the next week. Think over what you learned from that experience, and maybe try doing it for the next week, or the next month! 
❤ Alicia

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