If you don’t have it, it makes getting things done much harder than it needs to be.
Here are three practical steps to gaining more motivation to get things done: 
1. Ask yourself the question: why am I doing this? Perhaps it’s an assignment you don’t want to get done, but you know you need to do it, and do it well, in order to keep the grade you want. So that would be the answer. Really think about and evaluate your motivations for doing things. The answers may surprise you and perhaps motivate you more than you thought they would. 
2. Create an action plan. I always find that having a list, plan, or schedule motivates me. There’s something about checking off items on a list that brings a sense of instant gratification to completing a task.
3. Change to a more positive mindset. Instead of saying things like, “I have so much work” or “this is going to take forever” (which demotivate you), try saying things like “I’m going to be very productive today!” or “I’m going to do well on this”.
Once you have a plan and motivation, you’re ready to execute! Get it all done and have a productive week my friends!
❤ Alicia

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