Night Routine

You know those aesthetic seasonal “Morning/Night Routine!” videos on YouTube that are so staged and probably not consistently followed? That’s not what I’m talking about here. 

Black Ring Bell Alarm ClockEver since about the fourth grade when I would straighten up my room, take a shower, read for 30 minutes, and then go to bed, I’ve established my own night routine. I loved the feeling of preparing for sleep; I realized I slept better and felt more ready to start my day when I woke up in the morning. I’ve always loved the process of going to bed, and I believe it deserves its own sort of ritual.

Since maybe the start of this (calendar) year, I lost the real sense of a night routine. Of course I took a shower, brushed my teeth, set my alarm, and then got into bed to sleep, but I lacked that sense of a steady night ritual. A few weeks ago, I decided to start it back up and I feel so much better! 

Inspired by a new journal and some lavender essential oils I bought from TJ Maxx, I set out to create a night routine that was sustainable for my schedule. After a busy day of school, extracurricular activities, and countless hours of work and study, I didn’t have time or energy for a long process before I go to bed – I’m usually half sleep before I get the chance to get into bed anyways. 
I developed the following routine, which has proved to be very effective in recent weeks: 
First, I clear off my desk for the night, and write myself any notes of things I need to remember to do in the morning. This helps to prevent me from going over things multiple times to try not to forget that I need to do it. // letting go of the day
Next, I grab my pajamas and head to the bathroom. I take a shower, moisturize my face, and brush out my hair. // relaxation
After that, I go back to my desk and take out my planner. I check off everything that I did for that day (although I vow I will not do more, it’s time for bed) and fill out the gratitude section of my planner. // ending the day on a positive note 
Once I’m done with my gratitude journal, I head back to my bedroom and turn the lamp on aside my bed, allowing for just enough light to complete my routine. Then, I apply lotion and turn on the heating pad (it helps with my back problems) // relaxation
When I’m done with that, I text my closest friends good night, and set my alarm for the night. This is the point where phone comes out of the picture for the night. // winding down 
The next step is to fill out my journal. I write whatever comes to my mind about the day, what’s to come, or random thoughts. // clearing my mind 
I put on a small amount of lavender essential oils to relax and prepare my body for sleep. // relaxation 
Finally, I turn out the light, get comfy, say a little prayer, and drift off to sleep. 
It might sound a bit complicated, but total it takes about 10 minutes (that’s discounting the shower). I’ve done this consistently for over a week now, and I’m loving it! 
I strongly recommend that if you don’t have a morning routine to develop one. If you do have one, share it with me below! 🙂
❤ Alicia

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