Yoga Journey (so far)

yoga pic.jpgOne of my biggest passions in life is yoga. I love learning new concepts and poses, finding new ways to incorporate them into my every day life, and teach others how to do the same.
One thing I love about yoga is that it gives me the space I need to deal with what’s happening in my life. Sometimes, while doing a practice – whether is be asana, meditation, pranayama, or just rolling up your mat – if you’re mindful, you will be able to come up with some amazing things.
I recently came to a realization in svasana that I don’t allow myself to enjoy things lately. I am too focused on just the fact that I am doing something, rather than focused on the actual act. Almost as if I’ve been thinking in resumé-form. This was a really difficult realization to come to. But it was certainly necessary.
So, to work towards more of a feeling of samtośa (contentment/peace) and sukha (ease) in my life, I began on the mat. I’ve been allowing myself to truly enjoy each pose, enjoy every breath in meditation, and enjoy every syllable of chant.
I’m now trying to incorporate this into other mundane tasks, such as homework. It can be very difficult to bring a sense of enjoyment to something you don’t necessarily enjoy, but I encourage you to try it.
I’ll leave you with this: are you holding yourself back from truly enjoying your life experience?
Have a wonderful week my friends, 

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