10 Things to do this Summer


As summer gets in full-swing and you’re starting to get bored of the much-needed nothingness after the end of school, here are 10 things that are easy and productive for you to get done during the summer:

  1. Declutter – go through your clothes and stashes of things in your closet. Decide to throw away or donate anything you don’t use.
  2. Earn $$$ – now is a perfect time to get a job and earn money, especially as a student. Do some research and see what opportunities are available in your area.
  3. Apply for Scholarships – I like to use College Greenlight to match for scholarships.
  4. Volunteer – it’s also a perfect time to get some volunteering hours in. You can easily find volunteering positions around this time. Try to tailor it to your interests to get valuable experience in your field!
  5. Research Majors – this is a great time to work on figuring out what your next steps are and where you should go to pursue your interests. Research what different majors and minors there are, you may find something new!
  6. Work on Personal Projects – going along with pursuing interests, try to come up with some personal projects to complete. This could be something like writing a song as a musician, doing a new crafting project, or creating something new.
  7. Read – it’s so difficult to read for pleasure during the school year. So, summer is the best time to pick a few books to read on your own! I just downloaded the following books on Audible: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, Start With Why, Lean In, and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – not everyone’s cup of tea, but highly recommend 🙂
  8. Learn a New Skill – try something new! Pick up a new instrument, learn a new language, or learn to knit!
  9. Travel – it doesn’t have to be a big trip to Greece, but maybe take a little road trip or day trip with family or friends. It’ll feel nice to get out of the house for a bit and experience something new!
  10. Prep for Classes – don’t get too deep back into school, but if you can do something simple like keeping up with a language class on DuoLingo, or getting some basic background knowledge of a new topic, it could be very beneficial. Plan out and get an early start on any summer assignments if you have them, it’ll take such a load off!


There you have it! Reply below and tell me what you’re doing this summer 🙂


♡ Alicia


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