5 Habits to Establish This Summer

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With school finally over and summer in full-swing, now is a great time to create some new, positive habits. Here are 5 simple habits you can implement TODAY to make your summer a lot more fulfilling:

  1. Create a sleep schedule – summer is the best time to establish a good, consistent sleep schedule because you don’t have everything else in the way. You’ll feel happier, more rested, and more content if you’re getting consistent sleep!
  2. Work out and eat well – I like to do pilates and yoga regularly, but it can be so difficult to keep up with it during the school year. Summer allows you with the time to create consistency in your sleep schedule, as well as keep track of your diet.
  3. Read something new – finally, you can focus on a book other than the one assigned in English class! Take some time away from screens and other things each day to read – just 30 minutes will do the trick.
  4. Be social – while it can be tempting to go full-on hermit mode during the summer because you aren’t required to deal with humans each day, make it a habit to get out of the house and create meaningful memories with friends and family!
  5. Study something you love – whatever your passion or interest, you’re finally not confined by the 6 courses you’re taking, so I recommend taking some of that time each day to study something that interests you! Take online courses, buy a book on the subject, or see if you can find some local classes!

Which if these will you implement today, and how? Let me know in the comments below!


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