5 Reasons to Buy the ALT Planner this Fall

IMG-1418 (2)

With my Fall 2018 Planner Launch coming up this Friday, I thought I’d give you some of the top reasons you should buy or repurchase your planner. Each of these reasons have been given by actual customers!

1. “The ALT Planner has served as a tool to help me get my sh*t together”

Who doesn’t want that, right? The ALT Planner specializes in getting all aspects of your life together – from schoolwork, to volunteering, to meetings, to workouts, to mental health, to goal setting, everything!


2. “The Customization feature. Oftentimes buying a planner you can find little things you never use but here you use every tool in the planner”

That’s the cool thing about building your planner! It caters exactly to your needs and aesthetic. If you don’t want note pages and never use them in a planner, simply don’t get them. If you constantly are running out of note pages, order two packs!


3. “The Planner offers features specifically for students that you wouldn’t find in any store-bought planner, like the Detailed Homework Plan.”

These tried and tested student aids are so helpful in keeping on top of schoolwork and reaching your academic goals. They’re based on research, personal experience, and peer feedback.


4. “People use every feature they pay for, whereas most customizable planners are costly and not as versatile”

The most popular package is $15.00, and you get to build your entire planner yourself at that price. Pretty competitive prices on the market, when you compare to a less customizable option in terms of content, Erin Condren, when they’re priced at around $60.00!


5. “I’m not much of a planner person. But this one is different. It goes more in-depth with reflections, motivations, and intentions.”

One of the biggest goals of my planner is to emphasize mental health, gratitude, and positivity. I do this through encouraging reflection and intention in dreaming, planning, and achieving goals.


Stay tuned for the launch this Friday! I’m excited to open up with new videos, pictures, and information.

If you have any questions about the launch, feel free to put them here and I’ll be sure to add them to the FAQ section:

Have a lovely week my friends!

❤ Alicia

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