Fall 2018 Planner Launch: My Planning Routine

Today, when I was advertising ALT at a booth for registration, a conversation sparked about using planners. I heard the person say, “yeah, I’ll write in my planner every once in a while, but then I’ll forget to look at it”. While buying a planner can certainly help you with time management, you need to first create a habit, or relationship, with your planner. Everyone’s planning relationship will look a little bit different, but maybe mine will give you a little bit of inspiration!


First, I’ll start off my week on Sunday with an intensive planning session. This can take anywhere between one to three hours, depending on how meticulous and creative I’m being with my planning. I’ll fill out my weekly planning sheets for both school and personal, and ensure that everything on my calendar is up to date.

If there’s a new month starting on that week, I’ll also take that opportunity to fill out my monthly sections, print my monthly calendars, and set up my bullet journal tracking for that month.

Throughout the weekdays, I’ll follow a pretty simple and consistent routine: 

Morning before school: I check my planner to look over what I have to to each day

Each class: I take out my planner each class period to write down any new assignments or test dates

After School: I look at my homework planner and devise a detailed homework plan for the evening.

After Homework: I take a look at any outstanding work that I need to get done and start working on that, from most urgent/important to least until I’m done or out of work time for the day.

Before Bed: I always look over my planner, fill out the gratitude, and add anything to the next day at the beginning of my night routine. It’s a good way to feel accomplishment at the end of the day, stress less, and get tomorrow of the brain.

IMG-1408Then, on Saturdays I make sure to update the tracking sections. I’ll fill out my budget and any volunteering I did that week, or create breakdowns for any projects I want to start working on, as well as check in with action plans and project sheets I’m already working on.

This simple, yet effective planner routine keeps me in a good relationship with my planner that is sustainable and positive. It’s all about habit forming when it comes to a planner, and once you make that habit, you’ll feel so much more accomplished throughout the day checking back in and checking off boxes.

Remember, you can now order my Fall 2018 ALT Planner here

❤ Alicia

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