What to do When you Have to do Well in a Class you Don’t Want to Take

I get it. What you want to do has nothing to do with X. X is that class that you just can’t get. The class that doesn’t click. The class that you’re not passionate about in any way shape or form and you sigh every time you enter that room. We all have at least one class like that, because no one is really passionate about every subject.

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And as you become more invested in your passion, realizing what it is that makes you excited and what you want to do in your life, inevitably you will become less interested in things that have nothing to do with that. Maybe in fourth grade you were a really high-achieving student who loved every subject, but as you grow older you just don’t like every single subject anymore. Perhaps your interest lies in the STEM field and English class is always last to do on your list. Perhaps you’re the opposite, and interested in the Liberal Arts, and you detest going into your science class. Perhaps you love theater and the bane of your existence is your math class.

You hate that you have to spend your time on things you don’t like doing. You wish that you could spend those 6 hours per week in class and an additional 6 in homework doing that thing that you love. You spend every single minute of your free time on that passion, but that free time is minimal with all these extra “distractions”. But you keep studying for class X because you know you have to.

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This feeling has increasingly defined my experience as high school has progressed. The more I care about and invest my time in my business, the more I value the time I can take to grow it and work on it. My class X looks like AP Biology right now, so we’ll use that as an example.

I love studying business, communications, marketing, psychology, and growth systems. That is what I love to study and that is what I’m passionate about. So, it’s harder for me to spend time on those things that don’t have any relation to that. But, I have to do it anyway. I have to do well in my high school classes to get to a college that will allow me to study those things. And that is the first thing that keeps me going in studying things I don’t want to:

#1 Find your why. Why do you need to do well in this class? Often, this will be to get to your next step in college, to study what you do want to.

That’s a very broad reason to keep going, but it’s an important one to keep in mind when you don’t want to study for that class.

For my classes, I can generally find some reason why that class is important. People have decided that I should take this class. The school requirements; the school board requirements; the state requirements, etc. There must be some reason I’ve been mandated to take that course. But, I need to have my own reasons created to keep going for myself, which brings me to #2:

#2 Find significance in each course you’re taking. Why is the information you’re learning important to life?

In a broad sense, every course you take gives you a broader understanding of the world and how it works. Let’s take a look at the significance I find in each of the courses I’m taking right now:

  1. Health – this class is imperative because I’m helping to create the curriculum and I’m ensuring we are teaching time and stress management skills in this class. We are learning important things like yoga, mindfulness, and generally taking care of our bodies. These things will always be applicable in life.
  2. AP Biology – this class helps me have a better understanding of my body and how it works. It’s important to have a foundational knowledge of my body, because it will help with a deeper understanding of health.
  3. AP Literature – this class gives me a background in the literature references I will encounter throughout life. I’ve already seen that through English classes, I’ve understood increasingly more references I encounter in everyday life. Making educated connections in conversation is honestly fun.
  4. AP German – this class gives me a foundation in the language and culture that is part of my family history. It will allow me to study abroad and give me more places to go in life.
  5. AP United States Government – this class gives me a foundation in the way our government operates and will allow me to understand and participate in the governmental process in an educated way.
  6. AP Calculus – this class will give me a higher understanding of math. I honestly haven’t needed to search for a big reason to like this class because I find it fun. I like the process of being able to solve a problem.


Working hard and excelling at something you aren’t passionate about is difficult. And, as you become more passionate, it’ll become even harder. Don’t give up. Remember your why. Keep excelling.

I hope this post was inspirational, and you feel like you can tackle your courses with a renewed sense that you can and will succeed.

❤ Alicia

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