This System Changed the way I View Task Management…

If you know anything about me, you know that I’m always looking for the best systems to achieve. I’m constantly doing research, asking professionals, taking online courses, and creating/tweaking my own systems in order to learn how I can achieve more efficiently, effectively, and intentionally.

While I love my planner for its system of keeping everything streamlined and in one place, my life is not all in one place right now. I’ve got so much going on with college applications, five AP courses, my business, and extracurricular activities, that five lines in a day with a box just wasn’t cutting it for me.

So, I went to the Internet. There are tons of online programs and apps for task management, and I’ve probably tried most of them. One in particular has been my go-to lately, and it’s been a game changer for my life, business, and clubs.

It’s called Trello.

In Trello, you create “Boards” with “Cards” that you can break down into tasks and due dates. I’ve been using Trello to manage EVERYTHING. It’s a system I have to keep up with, but it’s so easy to use and gives me a clear idea of what I need to do and when, as well as gives me satisfaction of achievement.

Here’s a look at my Trello board:

I use a board each week, and then create cards based on categories in my life. For me, this includes: school, business, college, work, clubs, personal, and the satisfactory done list.

How each of these lists break down is a bit different, so I’m going to explain each method:

  • School – of course, I categorize this card based on class. Within each class, I have a task list for the week with deadlines. This helps me break everything down for each class into manageable lists each day. I do transfer these items onto my paper planner because that’s how I prefer to do my schoolwork.
  • Business – I break this list down into project cards with deadlines. Generally, I will have some small scale or larger scale project I’m working on for my business. Right now I’m juggling a few. Then, I’m able to prioritize and track my progress on each of those cards.
  • College – There’s a lot that goes into college applications. I put each aspect of the applications that I’m currently working on in my Trello as a card, then break that up with deadlines. You can read more about how I’m handling the college process here. 
  • Work – I am currently employed as an intern and I do freelance work, so anything that shows up with that will go here. I do it in terms of projects similar to the system in the business category.
  • Clubs – this section is similar to the school section in that I put each club down, then break each club down into meetings or projects with deadlines.
  • Personal – this is a catch-all for those little things that just don’t fit in any other category. This could include smaller tasks like doing laundry or cleaning off my desk or clearing my personal inbox.

This system may seem like a lot at first but having everything that I’m working on in one place makes me feel in control of my life. It’s all right there, I’m not forgetting anything. Before, I would like to compartmentalize, but now I’m liking to see how all aspects of my life are balancing with each other.

To keep up with this system, I will spend about 10 minutes each day updating it and adding to it, although it’s a great place to put tasks down when they pop up throughout the day. I have the app on both my phones and it’s the first thing I pull up when I turn my computer on in the morning.

Then, when I sit down to do work, I start with the deadline tasks (they will appear in orange or red) to ensure I’m not going to miss any deadlines, finish all homework tasks for the day, and generally pick one or two other projects to make progress on with any remaining time I have.

This program was a game-changer for me. It’s the easiest system I’ve found to prioritize tasks effectively. It ensures that I get the most urgent and important tasks done first.

Because I’m loving this program so much, I’m offering you a limited-time offer to create you your own personalized Trello system using everything I’ve learned about the program. So far, I’ve established a Trello for two of my peers with great results. Both students felt like they had things under control after getting it all laid out on Trello.

Here’s the link to reserve your consult and full access to edit the Trello board I will create for you. I am limiting the number of people I’m doing this for, so act fast!

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