The Spring 2019 Planner Launch

This planner launch is bigger and better than ever. I am so excited to aid you in creating a new semester filled with goals and achievements. I wanted to share some of the newest features of this launch before the ordering period is over (January 3rd). 

New Packages

I have new themed packages to help you with your order choice! Here are the packages I have available:

New Add-Ons

I now offer wall calendars, washi tape, pens, and more! You can find the whole list here.

Ambassador System

I have instituted an ambassador system so that I can expand my reach throughout the state and country. I have ambassadors in five cities and three states! You can see the list of schools that I offer planner distribution at through ambassadors on any of the order forms.

A New Look

I created a brand new look for the inserts that are more clean and open. I love how it turned out!

Thank you to everyone who decides to order! I am looking forward to creating all the planners.

❤ Alicia

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