Cultivating a Positive and Productive Space

The space you live and work in has an effect on how well and efficiently you work.

For instance, if you have a cluttered space where you can’t find anything, you will lose time looking for things. Your space reflects your mindset, and vice versa. The simple act of decluttering can increase your productivity twofold.

If your space is filled with distractions – a TV, technology, games – then you will inevitably be distracted in your work. Think of your workspace. How many distractions are there within your space? How much time do you waste via those distractions?

Tip: Block sites on the computer you use for work, turn your phone on silent, and make sure there are minimal distractions at your workspace.

For the New Year, I decided to switch up my space to cultivate a calmer, more productive environment. I would like to share with you what I did so it can inspire you to change things up to promote healthier living in both your work and personal life.

Here are the five changes I made to my space, and why I made them:

More floor space

Because of the way I moved my desk, I now have a lot of space on the floor in the middle of the room. I wanted this to create this space in order to more easily do yoga in the mornings.

More desk space

I’m going to repeat it because it’s true: your workspace will reflect your mindset. I try to keep my desk as clear as possible in order to be able to stay focused on whatever task is at hand. To do this, you can see in the photo that I put a little bin with all the odds and ends that I like to keep out, but I can easily move that to the side in order to create more space. I also bought a monitor stand which has opened up the space even more as well as providing storage for things I reference often and need at hand. In that little drawer, I keep my content planning calendar, a notepad, and a notebook. On the sides, I keep some things that I like on hand, including Chapstick, hand sanitizer, and my essential oils.

Nightstand setup

Something I’ve been trying to focus on more lately is winding down at night and destressing. So, I have created a setup for myself on the side of my room with my bed that promotes that intention. The top of my nightstand is fairly clear, with some lotion, lavender essential oils, a pillow mist, and Chapstick. In the drawers, I have my blindfolds lotions and chapstick, pajamas, and then journals and books I write in and read before bed. Another note: I do my morning routine on my bed by doing my reading and writing at the window. This makes it so I start off the day in this destressing environment before moving to the desk, which has a connotation of work and more stress.

Desk setup

The way my desk is set up is indicative of the activities I do there. I have all my makeup in the cubby above the desk, all my crafting supplies, and all the notebooks and technology and tools I use for my work.

Closet setup

For quite a while, I was discontent with my closet. It was frustrating to find clothes in the morning, and I would just shove stuff in there. Now, I have it organized in a way where I grab a shirt, pants, underwear and socks without having to open any drawers. In the drawers, I have other undergarments, workout gear, and my collection of club and college shirts. It’s very functional.

Here’s a list of steps you can follow to change your space in a positive way:

  1. Choose a space in your room/house. Ex. Desk space, bookshelf, closet, bed
  2. Define how you want to use that space. What mindset do you want to have there? What activities do you engage in at that space?
  3. What challenges do you have in the space? Ex. Too cluttered, distractions, not having what you need, having too much
  4. How can you fix these issues? Ex. Declutter, move some things to other areas, bring in things you use there often, remove distractions
  5. Evaluate how these changes affect how you live in that space.

I hope these changes inspire you to make some physical space in your life as well as mental space! If there’s any takeaway I want you to get from this it’s this: your space directly affects your mindset which directly affects your productivity.

❤ Alicia

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