When I explain to people what I do, I’m often asked the question, “why?” Valid question.

Some assume it’s to look good for college apps.
Some assume it’s because I’m an overachiever.
Some assume it’s because I want to show up others.

None of these reasons go to the heart of why I am doing what I do. Yes, I want to stand out on college apps. Yes, I would consider myself a high achiever. I don’t want to make others feel inferior, I do it so they can be inspired and perhaps think, “hey, if she does this, perhaps I can do more”.

But that’s not why I do it. Everything I do ties back to one main idea: building skills. In everything that I do, I’m building skills for the future that will allow me to grow and expand as an entrepreneur and individual. I’d like to break this down for you so you can begin to assess what you are doing and what benefit it brings to you in order to more properly prioritize your life and make the most of your time.

Leadership Positions

I am currently the president of Mock Trial, German Club, The Organization/Time Management Workshop, and Yoga Club. Each of these leadership positions commands me to learn to manage different types of people and different types of teams. By exposing myself to these different situations within a leadership position, I’m learning how to most effectively manage teams, tasks, and events.

Business Ventures

ALT is my main focus and everything I do goes back to it in some way. ALT is my future and my career so I allocate much of my time to its expansion and success. My second business in startup right now, CPD Media Marketing Co. will bring me a whole host of new skills and experiences. My formal position in CPD is COO, or Chief Operations Officer, and as COO, I will be developing systems for our marketing team and relational skills that I will be able to bring back to ALT.


Whenever I have the opportunity, I network. These experiences have different levels of takeaways, but at every event, I gain skills to interact with others.


Especially in the last year, I’ve taken every opportunity possible to travel to new places. Learning to be comfortable with the airline system and travelling by myself for various conferences has given me a confidence I definitely would not have had without these opportunities. And the best part? I haven’t had to pay for any of it. 😉 See fly-in blog post.

All these aspects of my life add up to a very busy, and somewhat hectic, schedule. While this may seem kinda crazy, I hope this explanation has shed some light on why I do what I do. It’s not as often that I talk about the why, but the how. I love sharing how I’m able to do all these things to empower you to create more for yourself.

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