College Process Update: February 2019

As we move into February, the college process has turned into a waiting game and opportunity grab. I’d like to keep you updated on the college process so you can learn from what I learn.

Part 1: Applications

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All of my applications were submitted by January 1, 2019. Since then, I’ve received both admission and deferment letters from colleges. But for the majority of the colleges I care about, it’s a waiting game right now. I’m waiting to hear back namely from Washington University in St. Louis and Yale University, after being admitted to Babson College, University of Arizona, and Arizona State University.

Part 2: Scholarships

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While applying for colleges is over, there are still scholarship deadlines rolling in. I’ve applied to several business and community-oriented private scholarships, as well as scholarships within the schools I’ve applied to. These are all merit based scholarships that would supplement any gaps in my financial aid. If you’re wondering where to find compatible scholarships, I have found the most success via my counselor, specific google searches, emails from my schools, and College Greenlight. I encourage you to talk to your counselor and make sure they know what you are interested and what you are looking for, so they can bring scholarships your way.

Part 3: Sustaining School

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Now that I am in the last semester of high school, it’s admittedly becoming more difficult to focus on classes. Whereas school used to be the biggest aspect of my life, it’s become another thing I do daily. Homework has thankfully gotten lighter and I’ve become very efficient at completing the work that does come. Grades are no longer my #1 priority – and this is freeing but also very different.

I’m excited to share with you what happens in the coming months and what opportunities I decide to take as I move toward college.

❤ Alicia

1 thought on “College Process Update: February 2019”

  1. Hey Alicia! Glad things are going so well for you! Just wanted to share another great resource for finding scholarships and that is The have an app, too and you fill out a profile then they match you with the scholarships that meet your criteria. It also includes an editor to help with writing essays now. Not sure if you heard, but Mamie was accepted to Cottey College in Nevada, MO and will attend on full scholarship! We all are thrilled!! Good luck to you and I look forward to hearing your results! Cheers! Meg A Watt


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