How I Use Tech to be Efficient and Productive

Although I love using my paper planner, I have grown to love and appreciate the tools that are available online.

In addition to my planner, my biggest tool for productivity is my laptop. So, today I’m going to share some of my favorite online tools that keep me on track, productive, and efficient in my daily life.

1. Google Drive

The best tool for organizing documents, in my opinion, is Google Drive. I’ve grown to love Google for the ease of access and mobility, since I can access it anywhere as long as there is internet. It’s the best for collaboration with others (especially in school) and it’s organization is easy to navigate.

2. Microsoft OneNote

For note-taking purposes, I love using Microsoft OneNote. I love the way that you can navigate and layer the notes. The tools are all useful and the program runs smoothly. The only criticism I have of it is that it can be difficult to export and print the notes, but it’s worth it for the search and organization features.

3. Chrome Extensions

There are four Chrome extensions that I have fallen in love with:

Checker Plus for Gmail

This extension makes keeping on top of my email extremely easy. I get a lot of unnecessary emails throughout the day (mostly from colleges, stores), and this program allows me to delete them right away and get a quick overview of my email and take care of stuff without having to go to my email at all. This has changed the game for me. I especially love how it allows me to manage all three of my emails at once!

Checker Plus for Google Calendar

This extension, similar to the one for Gmail, allows me to very quickly and efficiently check my calendar. Now, I don’t have to load a web page or unlock my phone to check my schedule. I love how you can view it on either a weekly or monthly view, so I can see my schedule and my events. I love how you can also quickly add events to the calendar. It makes checking my calendar and updating it so efficient!

Hey Habit

Hey Habit is a really neat extension. It allows you to have a “New Tab” that includes a habit tracker, gratitude list, and inspirational quotes. I haven’t been satisfied or able to keep up with any other habit tracker, but since getting this one about a week ago, I’ve been able to keep up with it well!

Break Time

Break time is a Chrome Extension that allows you to create automatically-occurring Pomorodo timers. I’ve grown to prefer this over my phone because my phone is more distracting. I love how much you can customize it. You can also postpone breaks and skip them if needed.

I encourage you to look through these resources and try them out yourself! Do you have any great applications or sites that you love? Share them below!

❤ Alicia

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