How to Prepare for Exam Season

You may not like this reminder, but exams are coming up… we are just about a month away from the first AP exams which means

It’s time to get studying.

See, if you start studying now, you’re going to avoid that last-week cramming session that you know you’ve done too many times. So, let’s reverse that story and get it off to a good start. I have 3 steps that you can take right now to start easing into that exam preparation.

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#1 Write Out All your Exams and Content

Go retrieve that syllabus that you probably lost in September (it’s probably online) and make a list of all the units. Then, go through the textbook or lectures and create a list of lessons within each unit. Simple.

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#2 Rate your Confidence Level

To determine your unit confidence, find the average confidence level for the lessons within that unit. Then, create an average confidence level for each exam you are taking.

Confidence level = time you need to spend on it

This number will help you determine what you need to spend more time on and how to allocate your study time.

#3 Define your Study Hours

April can often be a hectic month with competitions, performances, and classes wrapping up content. Block out your week and figure out how much time you can spend weekly or daily (depending on your schedule) devoted solely to studying for these exams.

Once you have your number of hours per day/week and your confidence level, you’ll be able to more properly allocate your time.

These are the first steps to success. Join me next week to learn the next steps!

OR you can sign up for my exclusive 3-week study program, Study Assistant! With Study Assistant, you’ll get:

  • A 20-minute consultation:
    • Goal assessment and breakdown for each class you want to work with (up to 6 courses)
    • Define your target grade on each assessment 
  • A Personalized Google Drive: 
    • Create a personalized study-breakdown for each exam
    • Daily or weekly study checklist (your preference) 
    • Daily accountability checks 
  • Progress Checks
    • Weekly progress checks (on a date of your choice)
  • Retrospective assessment

❤ Alicia

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