College Dorm Room Setup

Since the moment I arrived on campus, I was excited to organize my dorm room. I knew that I wanted to create a positive, open, and functional space to live and work in. I knew that my dorm would likely be my primary study location, so I re-positioned my desk so it is in direct sunlight (I love natural lighting for doing my work). Once all the furniture was in place, I set up my things in the following ways:

Area 1: Bed

I knew it was going to be important to make sure my bed is set up in a way where I have everything I need nearby.

For the bed itself, I bought pillows, sheets, a comforter, and a really soft blanket to adorn my bed.

The second part to my bed area is my little container of things to have by my bed. Here, I keep lotions, chapstick, birth control, and my essential oils:

This way, I can get into bed and have everything I need for my self-care at hand.

Area 2: Under the Bed

One of the primary areas for storage in my dorm space is under the bed. I put two pieces of furniture toward the front: my dresser and my bookshelf.

I organized my dresser so that I have underwear on top, pajamas in the middle, and my extra towels, workout clothes, and t-shirts on the bottom. This storage is more than enough for my folded clothes.

Only a small portion of my bookshelf is reserved for books, and the rest is toiletry items. The top shelf houses my makeup, main toiletry bags, and the few books I have. The bottom shelf has my main toiletry bin with various items, and my shower caddy with some shower supplies. This space is very functional and it makes it easy to grab whatever I need to take to the bathroom or to get ready in the morning.

Behind the furniture, I’ve hidden my suitcases and an extra pillow.

Area 3: Desk

And now, for the area we’ve all been waiting for… my new desk setup!! The pictures speak for themselves…

I also have this little area under the window and beside the dresser that houses my trash cans, laundry bin, yoga mat, and my bags/robe:

Area 4: Wardrobe

The wardrobe is my secondary storage area. Obviously it houses my hanging clothes and shoes, but I also have a shelf on the top that keeps cleaning supplies, a few snacks, and a couple other miscellaneous items.


I’m very happy with how my room turned out. I’m still on the hunt for a few cute things to adorn the walls, but other than that it feels pretty set.

Share on IG with me how you organized your dorm room! @alicia_life_tips

For all my fellow college students, I hope you’re having a great start of your semester! Feel free to reach out with any questions about my transition and how I’m handling the new workload.

❤ Alicia

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