College Time Management: Fall 2019 Systems Overview

And now, for the blog post I know you’ve been anticipating since the school year started. It’s time to answer the long-awaited question: how have my time management systems changed since I started college?

Today, I’ll go through the major differences in how I’ve been planning and delegating my tasks.

Confession: I’m not using a consistent paper planning system.

I know, I know, I’m ready to receive the gasps and shocked faces at this first one. I’ve always been a paper-planning girl in the past, and I’ve advocated heavily for writing things down. While I still believe there’s nothing quite so satisfying as putting pen to paper to check off that to do list, my assignments and daily planning do not include a paper system. My paper systems currently consist of:

  • Bullet journal: brainstorming, larger-picture goals, calligraphy practice
  • To Do List: every once in a while, I’ll use my paper notepad to create a to do list on the weekend that consists less of schoolwork and more of chores.
  • Wall Calendar: while I love my digital calendaring system, I still love and update my written calendar on the wall.
To do list pad and paper calendar!

Daily Planning: Google Calendar

Since coming to college, Google Calendar has been my go to. I have become actually glued to my Google Calendar. This is how I go about my planning using this impeccable system:

  1. Sundays: If you’ve been here longer than 2 minutes, you know my main planning session of the week happens on Sunday. So, on Sunday evenings, I will plan out my Monday-Sunday week on Google Calendar. I cross-reference events from different sources (primarily email) and add them to my calendar, adjusting my daily schedule to fit.
  2. Daily: I look over my calendar each morning and make any known adjustments, as well as overview what I have going on.
  3. Throughout the Day: I keep my calendar not only as a way of planning ahead, but as a way of time-tracking. That way, I can go back to previous weeks and have an accurate account of where my time went.

Assignments: Trello

I’ve talked about Trello before in previous blog posts, but it has played an even bigger role in my task management since starting college.

Because all my classes and assignments are housed on a site called Canvas, it’s easy to transfer everything by simply copying and pasting assignment outlines, page numbers, and links to readings. While everything is centralized on Canvas, teachers have classes set up differently and sometimes assignments are dispersed among the syllabus and the course modules. It’s so convenient to be able to see both short-term assignments and long-term deliverables through my Trello board.

You can see the the way I set up my Trello above, but basically what I do is I have a board for each class and a card for each day that class meets which includes a to do list that needs to be completed before that day of class. Any bigger assignments warrant their own card with details about that assignment, and a list breaking up each action item to complete it. Tests/quizzes also get their own cards.

As for the personal stuff…

I also have a Trello board for anything that isn’t coursework related. I have boards for ALT, people to contact, personal, and done. This is an easy catch-all so I can make sure not to procrastinate the little things.

Between Google Calendar and Trello, I have my time management and my task management systems down. It is very tech-heavy, but that’s what’s working for me right now.

If you have any questions or would like to set up a consultation, don’t hesitate to reach out! I’m currently meeting with students to set up their Google Calendar and/or Trello!

Share with me on IG @alicia_life_tips how you’re managing your time and tasks in college!

❤ Alicia

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