Fall 2019 College Routine

Hello, lovelies. I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about how I manage my schedule as a college student. I’ll start off by emphasizing that it’s not easy. While I have found a system that works well for me and a pretty consistent daily schedule, I do find myself having to make hard decisions both in advance and in the moment. There’s a lot of “FOMO” to go around, and with that it’s important to build up the discipline to say no, but also the flexibility to say yes to an in-the-moment opportunity.

With that said, here’s an overview of a typical day’s routine.

Morning Routine

6:30AMWake Up
6:30-6:45Bathroom, brush teeth, wash face, make bed
7:20-7:55Get ready (makeup, hair, get dressed, pack bag)
8:00-9:00Breakfast at the Dining Hall

As you can see, my morning routine really front-loads self care. I am conscious to start off my day on my own terms and make sure that I am in the right state of mind to have a positive and productive day.

Late-Morning Routine

Version 1:

9:00-10:15AMStudy in the library
10:15Head to first class
10:15-11:45First class of the day

This routine is for when I don’t have work. During that first study session of the day, I will complete reading and assignments due for my classes the following day. This way, I’m always one step ahead and am never scrambling to get something done the day-of. If I have extra time, I will check email or review notes.

Version 2:

9:00-9:45 AMStudy in Campus Center
9:45-10:15Work in Academic Services
10:15Head to first class
10:15-11:45First class of the day

I have a work-study in Academic Services which takes place of some of my study time the other days.

After-Class Routine

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Version 1:

4:35PMClass ends
4:35-5:00Get back to dorm, meditate
5:00-6:00Workflow – review
8:00-8:30Call family/friends

On Mondays and Wednesdays, I get out of class at 4:35. Depending on if I ate a snack between classes, I may get lunch right after and then do my workflow entirely after dinner.

Version 2:

2:50PMClass ends
2:50-3:15Get back to dorm, meditate
3:15-6:00Workflow – review
8:00-8:30Call family/friends

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I get out of class at 2:50 which gives me a lot of time to review for classes.

Night Routine

8:30PMHard work stop time
8:30-9:00Shower and brush teeth
9:00-9:30Wind down

I make it a point to give myself about an hour and a half after stopping work to get ready for bed and get to sleep. My target bedtime is 9:30 for 9 hours of sleep, my realistic time is usually about 10:00, and my latest bedtime is 10:30.

Of course, this schedule varies based on events, but generally this is how my day will go. I try my best to have a balance of work and self care in my days, as well as make it a point to communicate with friends and family daily.

Schedules are so interesting to me because everyone’s is so different. This schedule likely wouldn’t work for you, but I encourage you to do some work to find more balance in your daily life! Need help? Submit a free consultation request below.

Happy scheduling!

❤ Alicia

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