How I Calendar Block (VIDEO!)

I hope your December has gotten off to a great start. I know finals season is right around the corner for most of us, so today I wanted to share something is going to be integral to ensuring that I am prepared: calendar blocking. As you probably know if you’ve been here for a hot minute, I calendar block everything. I wrote about it in my systems overview. But, today I want to show you in live (although sped up) time how I actually go about blocking.

So, here’s a video where I go through the entire process:

I don’t think much explanation is necessary, but basically what I do is start with a pretty blank slate, add on my classes, then my events I have added previously, and then add my “life” calendar which has some recurring daily things like sleeping, morning/night routines, and eating. I move those around to accommodate events, then add or change workflows and free time to fill in the gaps.

The Process

  1. Add Classes
  2. Add Events
  3. Add Sleep/Eat/Routines
  4. Add Workflows and Free Time

This, of course, is done in conjunction with my Trello System. Without the Trello, I wouldn’t know how much workflow time to put.

This no-white-space method is certainly not for everyone, but I personally love it. Everyone’s needs are different, and if you want me to help you create a system that works for you, feel free to schedule a consultation.

❤ Alicia

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