Optimized Work From Home Setup

At this point, I’ve started to settle into what I would consider an optimal work from home routine, and I’m excited to share one crucial part of it with you all: the space.

Few of us have the luxury of having an at-home office, so today I’m going to share with you how I’ve adapted a small bedroom into an optimal work from home space!

Part 1: The Desk

When choosing a desk, I had a few main criteria: needed to have 2 drawers and ample desk top space. Wildly, finding a desk was difficult because there was such increased demand with virtual schooling! I got this one from Target for about $100.

This is what my desk’s “resting state” looks like – i.e. when it’s not in use. I have everything I need at-hand on the right side there, along with some visual trackers for fitness on the wall.

Desk organization:

I love having all my devices and padfolios at-hand on the top part of the desk. This makes it so I can easily switch out devices and declutter my desk. Of course, my pen drawer is always a favorite, and my files are well-organized.

And here’s what my typical desk setup when I’m working:

I typically have something to write with/on to take quick notes, my work laptop, and my iPad (for video conferencing). And, of course, coffee!

Part 2: The Nook

This secondary working environment has been extremely helpful to me, and I’ve affectionately named it “the nook”.

In order to maximize space in this small room, I bought a second-hand IKEA loft bed. Underneath it, I’ve created a comfortable secondary working environment.

This has become my favorite place for reading and writing. I also like to have my more casual video calls with friends in this space, usually curled up with a cup of tea. I bought these Energizer lights that are remote-controlled and change color. It creates a great environment in the evenings with the lights dimmed and a candle lit.

One benefit to having this setup is that I am able to create more separation. It gives me an environment to be comfortable without having to sit on my bed. So, my bed is really reserved for rest, which makes it easier to create boundaries and fall asleep at night.

I hope this has inspired you to optimize your work from home environment! It’s not easy having to work, study, and rest all in the same place. Creating rituals like putting things away, only doing tasks in certain places, changing lighting/smells can really help to create a sense of on the clock and off the clock.

Share your work from home space with me on Instagram @alicia_life_tips!

❤ Alicia

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