Hey y’all,

Happy November! I am excited to share with you a more personal update and reflection today. I recently took the Gallup StengthsFinder Assessment sponsored by my work, and I’ve been thinking a lot about my results. This test identifies your top 5 strengths through a series of questions that gauge which statements you agree with more.

The test itself took about 25 minutes to complete, and the results feel spot-on. My coworker, who had taken it previously, had said she felt like her 5 strengths were like “ingredients that come together to produce one me!” and I totally agree with that sentiment. I’ve taken many personality/work type assessments before, but this one really hit different.

First, some background on the skills themselves. They divide up skills between the following “themes”, like so:

When I first looked at the themes, I identified with Executing and Strategic Thinking the most. My results were mostly aligned with what I thought, but I found the specific Strengths and their order very interesting.

So, my first three strengths are executing functions, which make sense to me. I have a strong sense of internal motivation to get things done and I feel very fulfilled by being productive and efficient.

My fourth and fifth strengths were less expected, but after thinking about them they make total sense. I have always been inspired and motivated by the future, and that’s what pushes me forward especially when I’m feeling unmotivated.

The last one, Significance, was really a threshold learning for me. I never really realized that the value I provide to situations/projects/groups is really a key in how I prioritize and find fulfillment. But it totally is. If I don’t feel like I’m providing value to a conversation or a project or even in a relationship, I don’t feel like I should be participating.

This has caused me to think a lot about what I define “value” to be and what the trade-off is between getting value and giving value. At what point do I prioritize getting over giving? What level of giving is too much, or not enough? And vice-versa with getting?

A lot to think about. Just some thoughts I thought I’d document.

Highly recommend the StrengthsFinder assessment if you have the opportunity to take it. It’s $20 per person. Let me know what you think your strengths are! Let’s celebrate what makes us uniquely valuable as a contributor and a leader.

❤ Alicia

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