Study Assistant: Spring 2019

Do you want to ace your exams this spring? Study Assistant gives you all the tools you need to ace your AP and Final Exams.

Study Assistant Includes:

Study Assistant is a three-week (April 15-May 3) exam preparation including:

  • An initial consultation to define exams and goals
  • A customized Google Drive with study breakdowns
  • Weekly check-ins
  • Personalized study plans and follow-ups
  • Daily accountability checks
  • Daily checklists

Ready to ace those exams? Fill out the form below and submit your payment! You will be contacted by the end of the week to schedule your consultation if you choose the full package, and you will receive materials by the end of the week.

Study Assistant – Full Package

With this package, you get all of the above materials/services.


Study Assistant – Google Drive Only

With this package, you will get all the materials with descriptions but no consulting one-on-one with me.